Tom Carroll

I'm a Web Developer, Independent Game Designer, Artist based in Birmingham, MI. I have been involved in web development professionally since 2011 and have been making content for games since 2005, and making games independently since 2011, when I formed Raincloud Games.

I have been working since 2014 on my current game, titled "Save the Munnies". Learn more.

I have released one title so far called "Falleritus". Originally designed and released for iOS in 2012, and later released on, it was presented and showcased at the MineCon Conference in Las Vegas in 2011. It was made in Unity3D 4 and took 1 year to create. It served as a very valuable learning experience which provided the motivation for future works.


If you are interested in my work or if you would like to work with me, you can view my resume or reach me by email.