Hey there! My name is Tom Carroll, and I'm the founder of Raincloud Games. I'm an independent developer who has been making content for games since 2005, and making games independently since 2011, when I formed Raincloud.

How big is the team at Raincloud?

The core team currently consists of just myself. I hire on people for specific purposes they arise, but currently it's just me working away in my free time.

Current Projects

I've been working since 2014 on my current game, titled "Save the Munnies". Learn more.

Past Releases

We've released one title so far called "Falleritus". Originally designed and released for iOS in 2012. It was presented and showcased at the MineCon Conference in Las Vegas in 2011. It was made in Unity 4 and took 1 year to create. It served as a very valuable learning experience which provided the motivation for future works. Sadly, due to cost and maintainance, we have since removed it from the app store.


If you'd like to contact us, you can reach me by email here. Feel free to check out my portfolio or view my resume.